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  • Maths Tuition

  • We tutor maths to children of all abilities from KS2 to KS4 (GCSE).

    At KS2, maths is a subject students can find boring when it’s too easy or too hard. We aim to help children who are struggling make sense of concepts and stimulate the intellectual abilities of more able children. You will find private tuition will increase both their confidence and self-motivation. Our sessions are fun and varied. We ensure children fully grasp all the core skills. Some children struggle because they don’t understand the question. We ensure they overcome these barriers.

    At KS3 the fundamentals are key, such as operators (including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division mentally and on paper), negative numbers,fractions, algebra, geometry and more. If students don’t understand the fundamentals their problems will multiply as they progress. Each lesson focuses on covering the curriculum topics with worked examples as well as keeping the student engaged.

    At KS4 (GCSE) the curriculum is large and complex, especially for higher level maths. We like students to start with us as early as possible so we can close the knowledge gaps as soon as they appear. With so many ‘thinking questions’ in the exam these days, we spend a lot of time on problem-solving and helping the student to develop the ability for deductive reasoning. This skill is essential for success.

    Prices and terms – one student will cost £30.00 per hour at tutor’s home. Two or more students are an additional £10 each per hour. Lessons can be arranged in your own home and a small charge will be made to cover travel costs. Payment can be either by cash, cheque or bank transfer. We don’t charge for missed lessons but appreciate as much notice as possible.

    DBI checks, teaching certificates and all references are available for inspection.