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  • GCSE

  • For continuing students who have studied with us at KS3 and new students, Terry teaches maths at KS4 or GCSE level. KS4 is year 10 and 11, age 15 and 16. These two years have a well-defined curriculum as mandated by the DfE (Department for Education) and differences between the examination boards are minimal. With over 100 topics at higher level, the curriculum is big. Students have a lot to learn.

    If students come to us with a year or more before the exams, the focus is on ensuring they have a solid grasp of every topic. The reference books of choice are CGP as they are always up-to-date with any curriculum changes. Lessons are personalised for each student and takes them through the curriculum at their speed.

    There is a strong emphasis on continuous engagement with questions, problem-solving with plenty of ‘thinking questions’. These are very popular in exam papers and require deductive reasoning from the student. We teach them how to do this using lots of practice questions. Closer to the exam we set past papers as homework, mark them and give feedback to direct attention where it’s needed.

    We also teach students exam techniques, which is not always covered in schools. We do everything we can to prepare the student for the exams in May and June, until they are confident they can achieve a better grade. We always set homework. This is important as it cements the learning that takes place during the tutoring session.