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  • FAQ

    • Is tuition always one-to-one?

      Yes, unless you bring along friends or team up with another parent. Two people learning the same subject can share the cost of the lesson. There is an additional charge of £5 per student per hour.

    • Can you travel to us?

      Yes, if you live in the Stevenage area. We charge an extra £5 to cover travel costs.

    • Can I stay and watch the lesson?

      Yes, if you want to, however students can find it distracting. There is a comfortable waiting area that you can use.

    • What subjects are taught?

      All KS2 (primary) subjects including Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Handwriting and Spelling. English at KS3. Maths at KS3 and GCSE foundation and higher levels.

    • What levels are covered?

      We can teach children from KS2 to KS4 (GCSE) levels.

    • Can we meet before I commit to anything?

      Yes - you are entitled to a free, no-obligation consultation of up to 30 minutes. Call or email to book a time and a date.

    • How far ahead should I plan for a tutor?

      The younger children take longer to learn topics and understand them well. The older children have more to learn as the curriculum grows with each new year. So you should be thinking at least a year ahead. To get good grades at maths GCSE, for example, you should begin tutoring at the start of the Autumn term.