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  • Choosing A Tutor

  • You want to hire a tutor who can build the student’s confidence as well as help them learn and do the best they can both in school and in exams. The tutor should be qualified, knowledgeable and experienced in the subject area. Both student and tutor should enjoy working in each other’s company. The relationship is important. A student must feel comfortable and secure to maximise learning.  

    The tutor should make the session interesting and involving. They should always be assessing that learning and achievement is happening against objectives agreed with parents. Homework is strongly recommended as it helps the student apply what they have learned during the lesson. Good teaching is more than passive learning.

    At KS3 and especially at GCSE, the tutor should follow the curriculum closely. There are many reasons why students miss much of the content taught in a classroom. Or the student simply doesn’t understand with no time for a classroom teacher to recap. To get good grades at this level, working on past papers, problem-solving and exam questions are crucial. A good tutor should cover all of these aspects.

    A good tutor is organised, reliable, patient, a good communicator, prepares each lesson and records the results of each lesson. At the same time a good tutor needs to be flexible enough to switch focus if the student is struggling with school work. A good tutor will be professional, provide feedback to parents and enjoy working with the student by employing a compassionate and caring approach. Tutors should be DBI checked, and ideally, parents with a passion for teaching or learning.

    If you agree with us, we should be talking. You may have questions we haven’t answered or you just want to meet us. So before you commit to tutoring, we are happy to meet you for a free, informal chat of up to 30 minutes. We can discuss your goals and objectives and answer any questions you may have.